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Grid-Tie System

• Recommended for day time usage
• Without a battery, so economical with no recurring & replacement
• It synchronize and shares the energy with grid to reduce the energy bill
• Adopts 2nd generation components for high efficiency & reliability
• 99.99% MPPT efficiency with innovative week light generation technology to harvest more power during low radiation
• WI-Fl inbuilt features for remote monitoring of all the parameters on phone or PC
• Suitable for net metering or regular metering where load power is more


Off-Grid System

• Recommended where there are frequent power failures & for usage during night time
• Advance processor technology for solar-utility & battery mode
• It synchronize & shares the energy with solar, grid & battery to reduce the entire energy bill
• Modular technology can be unscaled in future
• LCD & 485 features for remote monitoring of all the parameters


Hybrid System

• Recommended where there are less power failures & usage is at night time
• One can enjoy the benefits of Off-Grid and On-Grid system
• Programmable supply priority for PV, battery & grid
• Battery management system to protect & enhance the battery life
• Highly intelligent 2nd generation technology
• Reduce the entire energy bill
• We provides 24x7x365 days remote monitoring for the performance of the project


You can monitor your system remotely !

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Generate clean energy
Reduce dependency on fossils
Reduce carbon excavation and emission into the environment
Healthy environment for future
Accelerated depreciation 80% for 1st year

Environmental Benefits

In a year reduces 1 ton of C02 emission in the air from
1 kW renewable energy generation.
It also corresponds to plantation of 2 Trees.

Green Energy

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with wind
Solar electricity generation
Energy conservation consultant
Commercial Audit

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Completed Projects

Sun Lit Tech provides solar power plants that generate cost-effective, clean and reliable electricity. We work along with Pune for all employees to focus on delivering competitive renewable energy, contributing to local value creation and being a trusted business partner.

The solar power plant is eco-friendly project & this is future fuel. Our mission is to contribute to the reduction in environmental pollution by utilizing renewable sources of energy. We help people to lower down their carbon footprints. Solar panel reduces the carbon emission for 1 KW (Kilo-Watt) system is 1 Kg of CO2 per year.

Sun Lit Tech is an integrated independent solar power producer, delivering an affordable, rapidly deployable and sustainable source of clean energy. A long term player, Sun Lit Tech develops, builds, owns, operates and maintains solar power plants.
Started with projects having capacity of KW (Kilo-Watt), we have now achieved the 2 MW (Mega-Watt) milestone.

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